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  • Clarena Marine Slim Salt Peeling

    Clarena Marine Slim Salt Peeling

    Body care salt peel. Its two-phase formula exfoliates and intensely nourishes the skin. Marine salt crystals combined with Shea butter, wheat germ oil and vitamin cocktail stimulate microcirculation and have a detoxifying effect. ...Read more
  • Cappuccino Slim Sugar Peeling

    Cappuccino Slim Sugar Peeling

    Exclusive scrub peeling with flecks of coffee and triactive ingredient BODY3 COMPLEX™. Sugar crystals intensively peel and perfectly smoothen the body while flecks of coffee with BODY3 COMPLEX ™ improve microcirculation, reduce cellulite and firm the skin ...Read more
  • Clarena Caviar Push Up Cream

    Clarena Caviar Push Up Cream

    Bust care cream with Voluform™ aminoacids complex. This unique ingredient acts on three surfaces. In the first one it detoxifies the skin, in the second - it stimulates the synthesis of fibroblasts and firms the skin, in the third - ...Read more
  • Clarena Caviar Slim Balm

    Clarena Caviar Slim Balm

    Creamy lotion with light consistency that strengthens the effect of the caviar therapy. Its rich formula guarantees a comprehensive care and strengthens the structure of the skin. ISOCELL™ SLIM is a unique complex based on caffeine contained in liposomes ...Read more
  • Thermo Gel Cayenne

    Thermo Gel Cayenne

    Strongly warming gel which reduces excess of body fat and cellulite. Cayenne pepper stimulates the burning and ISOCELL™ SLIM stimulates metabolism and reduces swelling. ...Read more
  • Clarena Skin Stretch Protector

    Clarena Skin Stretch Protector

    Recommended for skin exposed to excessive stretching during the rapid weight gain. To moisturize and firms the skin we use Complex of Sk Influx®, Wakame seaweed extract and grapefruit extract. ...Read more
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