The skin's life



Your skin is at its best in your 20s as cell renewal is at its peak. If your skin functions normally, then basic skincare is all you may need.

  • Avoid using soap on your face, and use a cleanser that will not dry the skin.
  • Use a good moisturizer every day – both morning and night. Do not forget to include your neck and hands – and not the least, the sensitive areas around your eyes with a light eye gel.
  • Also use a good sun block, as 'strong' sunlight will damage skin cells
  • Fear nothing! While aging can't be reversed – some of the effects can be halted and skin tone and fine lines visibily improved!
  • Go easy on tanning because it prematurely ages the skin (this is a growing problem) and you may regret it in later life
  • Changes in skin pigmentation is also common problem; this can be due tobirth control pills, pregnancy and use of low SPF
  • If you have acne – the teenage acne that never went away, or acne that has suddenly appeared - then your skin care needs may have changed, and one should seek advice from your doctor.


Skin cell renewal slows down as you get older, and lines and wrinkles can become more visible visible... at least they do on skin that has been exposed to the sun a lot!

  • Cleanse skin daily – morning and night – and use a moisturizer that contains active ingredients.
  • It is also important to use a eye gel and sunscreen!
  • Hyper pigmentation may occur more aggressively, due to birth control pills, pregnancy, hormonal changes etc.
  • The need for regular skin care increases – the need for moisturizer and active ingredients are more important.
  • Prioritize skincare treatments in your budget.


It is vital to maintain a regular skin care regime – be strict and disciplined with yourself.  If not, then perhaps the “sins”  of one's youth may well be written upon your face! Post 40, skin cell renewal is slower and you need products that will increase moisture retention and promote cell renewal… Paramedica's anti-ageing products are becoming your new best friend!

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