Skin conditions

In the modern world, due to our environment and pollution, we now see constant changes in the skin. We no longer refer to 'skin types' but to skin conditions instead, and we can experience several at the same time... a combination of normal, dry, oily or sensitive skin. These skin conditions are similar for both men and women. Your skin conditions vary with the seasons and with age! It is therefore important to know what to do and how to care for your skin – with simple routines.

Oily, coarse skin with open pores

This is skin that often feels greasy and oily on the surface. Skin texture may be coarse and the pores open around the nose and chin, with black heads and acne a common problem.  Note: This condition is very common among young people.  This condition can be caused by what you eat and drink, but may also be due to hormones acting on the pituitary gland.  Some people also experience flaking around the nostrils, which may appear red and irritated. 

Dry, Coarse "Computer skin”

Simply put, sitting in front of your computer can cause skin dryness. The chemical reaction that occurs when your skin is exposed to electromagnetic radiation from your computer screen can makes it: dry, sore, more sensitive, and can even flake (making it appear like exzemic).


This condition is not exclusive to young people - it is becoming a more common problem for adults too.  It may be caused by an overactive or infected pituitary gland, or by diet and environment (or a combination of factors).

Normal skin condition

Wow! Your skin is glowing, luminous and naturally fresh. It has no specific problems, fine pores and good circulation. A rare condition indeed – so it is very important to maintain and take good care of your skin it.

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