Good advice

Eat healthy!

This is vitally important if you want healthy and glowing skin. Remember, the most important vitamins for your skin are A-B-C-E;

  • Vitamin A: needed to help maintain skin tissue (vitamin A is derived from Beta Carotene)
  • Vitamin B: need to help repair skin damage
  • Vitamin C: necessary for the production of collagen
  • Vitamin E: vital for the skin's overall condition

Get enough sleep!

Boring – but sadly true!  Your skin is most active during the night, as it repairs skin cells while you sleep.


It helps increase blood flow to your skin - which in turn helps speed up repair and nourishment

Protect your lips!

Most of us have dry lips, so it is important to protect the skin here too. Use a lip balm to prevent dryness –  which also helps prevent wrinkles around the mouth! Few things in life are less attractive than “spinster-wrinkles” around the mouth – at least too early in life!

Remove make up every day!

This is very important if you want your skin to feel and look healthy, clean and glowing. People sometimes forget that make-up contains lots of chemicals that can irritate the skin. It can also be one of the causes of acne and blocked pores. Mascara can irritate your eyes and tear ducts. So no matter how tired you are – remove your make up!

Do not apply after shave directly on face!

Be honest - probably all men do this! And it stings like anything!... and is very damaging too. After shave should be splashed/sprayed on neck/throat/pulse points – not on the face. Men need to cleanse their skin every day, too. After you have finished shaving, moisten and protect skin with the right product.

Remember to cleanse and moistened with the right product each night!. Use eye cream if necessary. Men are not like a “good wine that only gets better with the years passing….” no matter what they think!  An old wine, even a vintage, can go sour if not looked after well! So take care of yourself!

Avoid scrub peeling!

An old superstition says that one should peel the skin with a scrub – and boy does it feel good afterwards! The skin is tight and glowing…. Oh yeah! …You have just peeled off the upper layer of dead skin cells – and you have rubbed and rubbed to really get that circulation going. The problem is that this is actually unnecessary and can be damaging to the skin. The scrub-elements in the skin peel can irritate and cause small tears in the skin. They sting, the skin dries out, and the sebaceus glands produce more oil – which can lead to acne appearing. Modern peels are enzyme (and mild chemical) based. Simply apply and remove as directed - no scrubbing needed! 

The skin never forgets!

The skin is like an elephant – it never forgets - and takes cruel revenge! Too much touching, pinching, rubbing, neglect, no use of sun block, no moisturizing, use of after shave directly on the face, etc. will absolutely produce payback later in life... unless you make drastic changes in your habits now! 

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